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  Welcome to the Conan's Pub - a great source of diverse information on all kinds of drinks. Alcohol history from all over the world, extraordinary facts, outstanding drink recipes, useful bartending tips, breath-taking games and many more other things you should know if alcohol for you is not only something your cologne or perfume contains.

  About Alcohol: So, what exactly is alcohol? It seems to be such a common thing to us that we think we know everything about it. But surprisingly, there are some facts about it that most people can't even imagine. Read through this section and you're no longer going to be one of them.

  Alcoholic Beverages: Variety of alcoholic beverages is truly amazing... Probably no one knows at least the larger part of them. Nevertheless, in the Conan's Pub you can find description of most popular and common kinds and groups of alcoholic drinks. But don't limit yourself to these - come up with new ones! Just use your imagination and fantasy! It still takes some practice to make something drinkable though, be patient.

  Cocktails: Cocktails are probably the most glamorous and fashionable drinks - sometimes they can have a really fantastic look, not mentioning great taste. There are hundreds of cocktail recipes available and the list is constantly growing. However, making a good cocktail can be a real challenge and only few people are skilled well enough to do it. So if you want to get maximum aesthetical satisfaction out of drinking, cocktails are probably the right choice for you.

  Shooters: Wow, these are surely not for sipping! If you are tired of that sweet syrupy swill or just want some serious stuff in your mouth check out this section of the Conan's Pub. Remember that good old tradition of celebrating with a shot glass bang on the bar after a toast of congratulations? Be careful with these though, 'cause if you're not you can end up having a severe hangover in the morning:

  Non-Alcoholic: If in spite of all this information you still prefer not to drink any alcohol, at least at the moment, or there are going to be some nondrinkers on your party, the Non-Alcoholic section is there for you. Learn different ways to prepare excellent non-alcoholic beverages with complex and elegant flavors that in most cases carry just the same sophistication as their alcoholic counterparts. Enjoy and keep everything under control!

  Hot Drinks: These are really popular during the wintertime, when both the warmth of the drink and warmth caused by alcohol are very welcome. Imagine sitting on your couch, watching snowflakes falling on your loan and sipping something like cafe amaretto at the same time... But even if you live in a place were it never gets too cold, hot drinks can be a very good alternative to usual ones.

  Bartending 101: Doesn't matter whether you want to learn couple of tricks and show off in front of your buddies or your girlfriend or seriously consider competing with your local bar, this section is exactly what you're looking for. Find out what drinks and ingredients every bartender should have in his disposition and what you are going to need to completely equip yourself for a cocktail party. And of course, learn everything about shaking, mixing, stirring, pouring, blending and even lighting on fire!

  Drinking Games: Want to have even more fun while drinking? Try out one of these games! Some of them are really cool, but you should be extremely careful while playing because you can get wasted without even noticing it! But you probably will be just fine if you know your limits and don't cross them. And if you don't, you better play these with soda or orange juice.

  So go on and make a sparkling celebration out of an ordinary party! With the Conan's Pub you have the information!


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