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Advanced Beverage Categories

Advanced Beverage Categories
If you are tired of regular drinks and want something unusual, check out this list. Here are some exotic and unusual drink categories for you to either order in a bar or to prepare by yourself.


A colada is a popular sweet mixed drink made using coconut cream, juice and liquor. You can also use various kinds of juice with syrups and liqueurs to create some interesting versions. Coconut cream may be rather hard to find sometimes (usually, only coconut milk is available), so if you see it in a store – buy it! In a pinch, coconut milk or even Piña Colada mix will do, but the cream is preferred. If you are using the mix, follow the instructions on the bottle. Complement the drink with a pineapple slice and a drop of grenadine for color.


Daiquiris were originated in Daiquiri, Cuba, as a kind of malaria medicine. The rum was used for that purpose, and American engineers would add sugar to it, top it with lime juice, shake it up with ice, and drink to their health. Nowadays Daiquiris are usually blended, although the ice-cold drink may be hard on the stomach. What you can do when making frozen daiquiris is first blend the crushed ice and any fruit that will be blended into the drink for about twenty seconds and then add the other ingredients.


Digestifs are sweet and easy to sip drinks consumed with dessert. Just like aperitifs, there are both sweet and complex  drinks classified as digestifs. Digestif should be matched with the dessert in most case; for example, sweet desserts are good with sweeter drinks, while crackers or cookies prefer a complex cocktail. It has become popular to consume digestifs "plain", without a dessert, just like other drinks; there are people who pass a night with nothing but sweet drinks passing their lips.


Nowadays drinks made using raw eggs are not very popular because of fears of salmonella; they are rather hard to mix, too. Nevertheless, eggnog as a truly historic beverage tends to appeare in many households on numerous holidays. Eggnog can be made of either a whole egg or an egg yolk, sugar or another sweetening agent, alcohol, and cream or milk. The most common garnish is nutmeg sprinkled on the top, and most dark liquors are good for the base.


Flips consist of 3 common ingredients: egg yolk, sugar, and spirits. You can also add spices (spiced flips were extremely popular in the 18th and 19th centuries). To make a generic flip just shake an ounce and a half of spirits, an egg, and some sugar to sweeten the drink. Flips are not very popular in the modern era due to inclusion of the raw egg. Although there have been no cases of salmonella poisoning from home-prepared food reported, salmonella is a real danger raw eggs hide. If you don’t want to take the risk avoid flips and other drinks with raw eggs.


Originally Juleps were conceived to mask the poor alcohol which was being brewed at the time of prohibition. Today juleps are drinks for those who enjoy the nuances of alcohol but don't like the bitter flavors. Juleps are mixed drinks prepared using mint sprigs and liquor in the glass in which they will be served. Just crush some mint leaves and sugar together in a collins glass, add crushed ice and liquor. Juleps are usually garnished with a mint spring sparkled with sugar.


These drinks are very helpful on a party that lasts until morning. Every bartender and every host should know couple of these, not forgetting about aspirin, water and multi-vitamins, though. Even though they are partially placebos, they can still be rather comforting if the music gets too loud and the light gets to bright.


Almost all sour recipes are similar and rather simple. Combine 2 ounces of the desired liquor with 1 ounce of lemon juice and some sugar to sweeten the drink (half a teaspoon or so). Sours are usually garnished with an orange slice and/or a maraschino cherry. If you enjoy sours you should try to add a little orange juice, too. You can use Sweet & Sour mix for these drinks, but it is recommended to use fresh lemon juice if available. Sours can be served either in a sour glass with their garnishes or on the rocks in a tumbler or an old-fashioned glass without garnish.


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