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Flaming Drinks

Flaming Drinks
Probably most people will agree that lighting a drink on fire is a really cool thing to do; few know that this can actually improve its taste (no kidding!). But you have to be extremely careful while doing that. Remember that old rule not to play with fire, especially when you are under the effect of alcohol, otherwise you can end up lighting on fire your house, your guests or yourself instead of your drink. Don’t drink anything that’s on fire – loosing your eyebrows and/or eyelashes is not the worst thing that can happen if you do. Don’t mix drinks that are set on fire either, unless you want to make some fireworks instead of cocktails. Speaking seriously, just follow simple safety rules and nothing bad will happen.

In most cases people set shots on fire, but you can make almost any drink flame if you first heat the liquor in a spoon. If you hold the spoon without moving it around, the alcohol will vaporize and collect above the spoon, so you can light the fumes. Then, you can pour the flaming liquid over the prepared cocktail and if you do it very carefully it will continue to burn. Do not look closely at the drink or at the spoon when its on fire - turn the lights off if the flame is too pale to see. Again, don't light your eyebrows on fire.

Remember that warm alcohol requires your constant attention. Never leave it unattended. Make sure you close all the bottles before lighting anythingl on fire. Never add spirits to something on fire. Don'tt keep any warm alcohol in places where it can be dangerous for you or your guests. Oh, and please don't light any drinks at a gas station, chemical plant, or in a crowded theater.


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