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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is one of the most popular and easy to prepare drinks with many loyal admires. However, there are many nuances to a good Bloody Mary and only a few people are skilled enough to make one.

Fernand Petiot, the bartender of  Harry's New York Bar in Paris, is considered to be the "inventor" of the Bloody Mary. The recipe of the 1920's (that's when the drink was originated) was as simple as equal parts of vodka and tomato juice mixed together. In 1934 Petiot moved back to the States and worked at the King Cole Bar in New York. That's when he added black and cayenne pepper, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces and lemon juice to spice up the drink for New Yorkers. Petiot once told that one of his customers suggested him to call the drink Bloody Mary because it reminded him of a girl named Mary from the Bucket of Bloody Club in Chicago.

Nowadays the bloody mary is garnished with celery stalks and celery salt. They are also made with tequila and a lemon wedge.

Here is one of most common recipes for the drink. Enjoy!

4 ounces Tomato Juice
½ teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce

1 dash Lemon Juice

2 drops Tabasco Sauce

1 dash Pepper (To taste)

1 dash Salt (To taste)

½ ounces Vodka

Shake with ice, serve in a hurricane glass. Garnish with a wedge of lime or a celery stalks.


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