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This drink was previously called "Noggin" or "Egg and Grog"; now it's just "Eggnog". Despite the fact that the drink is supposed to be made with a whisked egg, most supermarket products of this category are currently "eggless". This is caused by the fact that raw eggs may cause salmonella poisoning, even though chances it will actually occur are extremely insignificant. So, eggnogs are not that popular nowadays basically due to two things: either they contain raw eggs and people are uncomfortable with the risk that comes with their consumption, or they are egg-less, flavorless and have a strange texture and consistency.

However, it wasn't always that way. Eggnog is believed to be originated in Europe from various milk and wine punches that were often served at social celebrations and gatherings. Eggnogs were rather fashionable drinks in Europe of the 17th century since eggs and milk were rather expensive and in short supply, so only prosperous people could afford it.

When the drink was brought to the "New World", it gained a new ingredient - rum. This happened because the rum colonists were getting from the Caribbean was significantly cheaper than the alcohol imported from Europe. And since there were plenty of eggs and milk in colonies, eggnog became really popular among people of all social classes in America.

Eggnog soon became an important attribute of any celebration. People in every region had its own way to make it depending on various geographical, cultural and other factors. Even George Washington had his own eggnog recipe a few people dared to taste. It included rye whiskey, rum and sherry.

In South rum was replaced with bourbon. Even more changes were made when the drink reached Latin America. Puerto Ricans added coconut juice or milk; Mexican cinnamon and rum or grain alcohol added by Mexicans made eggnog a harder liqueur to be sipped; Peruvians made it with pomace brandy called pisco.

Eggs beaten with cream, milk, sugar and some kind of alcoholic drink - here's the eggnog recipe that didn't change over the years. Despite modern tendencies and health warnings eggnogs remain an important part of various celebrations and holiday parties. They have many variations, but no matter which one you decide to prepare, your guests will surely enjoy it.

Here is a recipe you can try out. Remember, you can always experiment and make up your own variations.


8 ounces Cognac
16 ounces Cream
6 whole Egg
8 ounces Rum
8 ounces Sugar

Separate the eggs. In a large mixing bowl, beat the egg yolks, sugar, rum, cognac, milk, and cream until smooth. Chill the resulting concoction. Serve in highball glasses, and garnish with nutmeg. Serves four. 


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