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Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic
The gin and tonic cocktail is one of the most famous and popular mixed drinks. It has original flavor, good refreshing qualities and a very simple classic formula - liquor + mixer + ice. It is often mentioned in various books, movies and other kinds of popular culture. Gin and tonic is truly a symbol of the cocktail culture.

A gin and tonic cocktail is prepared by mixing gin and tonic water, as it is obvious from the name of the drink. Proportions can vary and usually are somewhere between 1 part gin to 1-3 parts tonic water. The drink is served over ice with a slice of lime as a garnish.

The cocktail was originated in India in the 19th century. Quinine contained in tonic water was used to prevent malaria in British army. However, the tonic water itself due to high concentration of the substance was so bitter and unpalatable that the only way to make soldiers drink the prescribed amounts was to add gin to it.

Even though quinine is not so widely used for medical purposes nowadays, the gin and tonic cocktail remains popular (who would have thought?). Above that, tonic water is not as bitter today as it used to be in the 19th century since it contains less quinine. However, some people prefer to mix gin with sweeter drinks like Sprite, 7up or even ginger ale. The peak of consumption of the drink falls on warmer months due to its refreshing nature and warm place of origination.


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