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White Russian

White Russian
A White Russian is a cocktail composed of vodka, Kahlúa or any other coffee liquor and cream or milk. It is usually served in an old-fashioned glass with ice. The drink is called what it is because of vodka in it; it is not a traditional Russian drink (the cocktail isn't, not vodka). Another version is that it is named in homage of the anti-Bolshevik White Movement in Russia (Russian Civil War).

To prepare a white Russian fill an old-fashioned glass with ice, pour vodka first, then pour coffee liquor, and then add some cream. A good thing to do is to keep your vodka in a freezer; don't worry, it won't freeze due to its alcohol content. Keeping vodka chilled allows you to use less ice. The cocktail can be either served with a straw for the drinker to mix or stirred by the bartender before serving. It can also shaken lightly in a cocktail shaker (couple of shakes will do the mixing).

Classic proportions of vodka and the coffee liquor in the drink are one to one with some cream added. However, you can add more vodka or more liquor depending on your taste. Some extra vodka won't kill the taste of the coffee liquor, and if you add some more liquor the drink will still have a pretty good kick.

A good thing to do to customize your recipe of the cocktail is to experiment with various coffee liquors. You can either mix them with each other or just add different kinds of them to your drink. You can also shake the cream with ice until it gets a little thicker and then pour it over your drink. Whether you do it or not, adding cream instead of milk makes the drink richer and better masks the flavor of ethanol.

Numerous popular variations are known for the White Russian cocktail. For example, it can be made with no cream or milk added - the drink is called the Black Russian. Replacing vodka with another hard liquor will also give you some variations. For example, a White Russian with Irish whiskey instead of vodka and no cream is called the Black Irish, and the drink with rum in it is the White Cuban. Another interesting kind of the cocktail is White Canadian. It is made with goat's milk instead of cow's milk.


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