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Card Games

Card Games
Here are some card games for you to try. Those can be rather interesting, but don't get too excited.


A very interesting game with high level buzz factor. For an interesting game you need no more than six players and a lot of beer or any other alcoholic beverage. Sit around the table and deal the whole deck of cards as evenly as possible to each player. Whoever gets rid of his/her cards first wins. You can also play until there are only two players left. Don't worry - everybody will most surely get some beer to drink.
So, you start with aces. For example, the first player lays two cards on the table and says "two aces". Even if you don't have any aces - put down any cards (remember: the game is called "bullshit"). Now, the player after you can say "bullshit" and check if the cards you've laid down are actually aces or lay some more "aces". This goes on until someone eventually says bullshit. The number of "aces" or any other cards is not limited to four.
Whoever says "bullshit" can check only the number of cards the previous player has laid. If the cards are actually what the player has named them, the person accusing the player in bullshit picks up the whole stack of cards and drinks in proportion to the number of cards the player has laid down. However, if the player was actually bullshitting, he/she picks up the whole stack and drinks the same amount. Play goes from aces to kings and backwards until the winner (or two winners) is determined or until everyone is completely wasted.

Drunk Driver

Game is played similar to Black Jack. There is a dealer and a bunch of "drivers" (players). The dealer deals a number of cards to each player, say 6 (depending on the number of players and desired complexity of the game). Every player turns over one card. If the card is a face-card or an ace, the player gets a number of additional cards depending on the card (Jack=1, Queen=2, King=3, Ace=4), and has the same number of drinks. Otherwise the player waits for others and then moves on to the next card. Whoever "makes it off the road" first (goes through all cards dealt) wins.

Beer Blow

Another very simple game. Place a deck of cards on the top of an empty bottle. Players take turns in blowing the cards off the bottle. Whoever blows off the last card has a drink. If a player blew off some cards, and there were aces noticed among them, that player has a drink.


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