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Coins and Alcohol

Coins and Alcohol
Following games are played with some kind of coins and beer, wine or liquor. You really should try them out.


Set up a shooting place for a quarter and put four shot glasses full of beer in a row going away from it with an interval of your choice between every two of them. The bigger the interval, the harder it is going to be to play. Divide into two teams. Each player on the visiting team shoots the quarter at the shot glasses. Every shot glass represents a base (the closest one is a single run, the fourth one is the home run). Three misses (strikes) and you're out. Three outs in a row and the other team goes.
So basically, the game goes as regular baseball. Here is how the drinking goes. If a player gets a hit (gets the quarter into one of the shot glasses), he must empty the shot glasses behind the one he got. So if he hits say a single, he must consume the remaining three shots of beer. If he hits a triple, he only drinks one. An out makes you drink all four shot glasses. When a team scores a run, the opposite team drinks.

Pennies in a Pitcher

A great and simple game. Chip in with your friends, buy a pitcher of beer and pass it around the table (clockwise or counterclockwise - doesn't matter). Every person drinks as much or as little beer as s/he wants and passes it to the next person. Whoever finishes the pitcher wins the game; the person who drank before the winner buys the next pitcher and the game starts over.
Another way to play this game is to put a fixed amount of change to the pitcher every time it is your turn to drink. So, whoever finishes the beer takes the money.


Rather "challenging" game, both physically and mentally. Sit around a flat table with your friends and a quarter. Take the quarter and stand it on its edge on the table, holding it with the end of your finger. Hit the quarter with another finger (with whichever is comfortable for you, say, index finger of your other hand) causing it to spin across the table (like a top).
When you spin the quarter you must call the name of one of your friends. This person must then use the tip of their finger either to stop the quarter from spinning (still on edge) or hit it (calling someone's name at the same time) so it continues to spin on its edge.
If a person spins the quarter off the table, they must take a drink. If a person fails to stop or hit the spinning quarter, they must take a drink (the previous "successful" person gets to spin). More strict rules only allow hitting the quarter, not stopping it.


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