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Dice and Alcohol

Dice and Alcohol
There are numerous games you can play with dice. They can be even more fun if you play them with alcohol. Here are some of them. Don't get too excited, though, know your limits. Enjoy!


A very simple game. People roll a die in turn on the bar. The first person to get a 6 names the drink, the second one drinks it, and the third one pays. Play as much as you want or as long as you can!


You can play with as many people as you want. Basically, you roll two dice. If you get one six (i.e. 6-4, 6-2), or anything that adds up to 6 (i.e. 4-2, 1-5), you drink a gulp of beer. If you get double 2s, 4s or 5s, you drink that many gulps of beer (for a longer game, you can modify this to just one gulp). If you roll double 3s, you drink four gulps of beer (one for adding up to 6, and three for double 3s). You drink only two gulps if you play the modified rules. And if you roll double 1s or 6s, you drink a shot of a strong liquor of your choice (vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum, etc.). You continue to roll until you get something that doesn't reward you with a drink.


This is a sort of bluffing game. Everybody at the table shakes two dice in a cup, then puts the cup on the table upside-down, takes a peek at the score and announces what he/she has to everyone else. Make sure no one else sees your dice! The point is to beat the score of the previous person; if you do not, you have a drink. The person whose score you're trying to beat can challenge you. If you are caught bluffing, you have a drink. If the score you have does beat the previous one (even if you announced not what you actually have), the person who has challenged you has a drink. If the previous person "believes" you, the next person shakes the dice. The score is a two-digit number, where first digit is the higher score on one of two dice. For example, if you have 4 and 6, you get 64, if you get 5 and 1, you get 51 (not 46 or 15, since 6 is higher number than 4, 5 is higher than 1, etc.). To count your score if you get doubles multiply the score on one of the dice by one hundred. For example, if you have double 2, you get 2*100=200 points. There are some special combinations, too. "2 and 1" is called "Mexicali" and beats all other combinations, including double 6 (600). "3 and 1" is called "Reverse"; it reverses the game from clockwise to counterclockwise and vise versa, regardless of what score was rolled before it. "3 and 2" is called "Social"- everybody has a drink. If you are caught bluffing Mexicali you drink up the whole drink.


You will need 6 cups of beer or six shot glasses with liquor and a single die. Roll the dice. Whatever number you get corresponds to the number of cup or shot glass. If it contains beer or liquor - drink it and roll again, if it doesn't - fill it with beer or liquor and pass the die to the next person. Whoever empts all cups or shot glasses - wins. You can continue playing until only one person remains at the table (others either passed out or quitted).


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