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Endurance Games

Endurance Games
If you want to find out who is the most endurable drinker, challenge your friends and yourself with one of these games. Be careful though, or you may not be able to remember on the next morning who actually was the winner.

Beat the Barman

Basically, a very simple game to play. However, almost impossible to win. Make sure that the personnel of the bar where you are going to play are friendly and have a sense of humor (this is very important to avoid a draw), and don't plan anything for the next morning. So the rules are: The drinker asks the barmen for a shot drink (whiskey, vodka, tequila, etc.) and pays for it more than it actually costs. For example, a $5-bill for a $2 drink. When the barman goes away to get change, the player drinks the shot. This is repeated for as many times as it takes for either the bar to close (player wins), the player to pass out (the bar wins), or the bartender to get pissed off and punch the player or to throw him out (draw). Results may vary dramatically from bar to bar. Play with caution.

Beer Pot

To play this one you need to get a large pot and as many people as you can. Everybody contributes one beer to the pot, and the drinking begins. The first player (after the first round - winner of the previous round) drinks as much or as little as he/she wants and passes the pot to the next person, and so on. Whoever empties the pot wins. The person who drinks before the winner looses. For the next round the looser puts a beer in the pot for every player. Milder rules suggest the looser puts in two beers, other players put one each and the winner puts in nothing. This is a great game to play in bars. Buy a big pitcher of beer and pass it around. The looser buys another pitcher.

Century Club

This is a very simple game, but with a very high buzz factor. The point is that for 100 minutes, each player takes a shot of beer every minute. You can use either 1 oz or 1.5 oz shot glasses, but not overestimate your "skill". Even with 1 oz shot glasses, it is more than 8 cans of beer in just over 1.5 hours; remember that alcohol is absorbed faster when drunk in small doses. You will probably need a non-playing time keeper, ‘cause if you don't have one, you have a great chance to miss some shots, especially at the end of the game. The game may seem slow at the beginning, but when some time passes, you can be surprised how short time periods between two shots get. Not everyone can play the game the whole way to the end. If you do manage to drink those 100 shots, you can feel proud for yourself.

Sink the ship

Get a pitcher of beer, an empty glass, and a glass of beer for each player. Put the empty glass in the pitcher. You may need to put some beer in the glass for more stability. Players take turns in pouring some of their beer into the glass. Whoever sinks the glass looses; the person before the looser is the winner. Looser drinks the glass or the whole pitcher - depending on the variation you play.


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