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Funny Games

Funny Games
If you want to laugh your head of when drinking, these games are for you. Make sure you play them with your close friends, so no one gets embarrassed, though. And, like in other drinking games, do not drink too much, know your limits.

Russian Roulette with Beer

A very simple game. Just get a six-pack, as a revolver usually has six bullets in it, and a box which is going to be the "revolver" itself. In case you don't know, "Russian roulette" is a kind of duel when two people take turns in spinning revolver's cylinder and then shooting the gun to their head. The thing is there is only one round loaded. So, same thing here. Take one of six cans and shake it as hard as you can, until it is about to blow up. Let your buddy shake it, if he wants to. Then place the can along with other five in the box and mix them. Have your friend mix them, too. When one person mixes, other person doesn't look and vise versa. Now take one can out of the box, aim it at your face and open it. If you're lucky and it's not the one - drink it. Now your partner picks a can and does the same and so on. The game continues until one of you gets "killed". Then you can start again, finish the beer or go take a shower - whatever you want.

Beer Race

Gather as many people as you can and buy a lot of beer (any kind, but preferably something inexpensive). Each player gets a glass or anything else full of beer. Everybody starts to drink at the same time. Whoever finishes first, flips his/her glass over his/her head. Everybody else must do the same regardless of whether they have finished or not. Actually, the first person to flip the glass doesn't have to finish their beer either. Whoever flips the glass first, wins the round.


This game has very simple rules. Basically, what you need to do is to drink with your left hand (if you're left-handed - drink with your right hand). When you see someone else drinking with the "wrong" hand, you start to shout BUFFALO! BUFFALO! BUFFALO! and clap your hands, slam the table or make any other noise in the same rhythm. Everybody else notice and do the same. The person who made the mistake has to finish their drink as fast as possible to make you stop. No exceptions from finishing the drink.

Flip the Cup

Two teams line up on opposite sides of a long table and every player gets a glass partially (or completely) filled with beer. First players on both teams start at the same time. When a player has finished his beer, he puts the cup on the edge of the table, right side up, half of the cup off the table. Then he puts two fingers under the cup and flips it upside down on the table. Only when this is done successfully the next player can drink and so on. The team who finishes all of its beer first wins. This may seem rather easy but when you play for a while and drink some beer, it gets rather complicated.


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