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More Dice Games

More Dice Games
Here are some more games you can play with dice and alcohol. Some of them are really fun, but remember to control yourself while playing; otherwise, you can be disqualified before the game ends.


You need 5 dice for this game. Roll all of them and then set aside all 3s. If you roll no 3s, keep lowest dice. Keep rolling until all dice are set aside. When everyone has gone, count your score. 3's count as zero. Lowest total wins. Losers drink as many drinks as the winner's score.

The Tower

Construct a tower out of the following drinks, placing a cardboard beer coaster between every two of them: 12 oz beer (on the bottom), glass of white wine, tall mixed drink (e.g. Tom Collins), small mixed drink (e.g. whiskey sour), and a shot of strong liquor (on the top). Players roll dice in turn. Whoever gets 6 first drinks the shot; the next person to get 6 removes the coaster; the next person drinks the small drink and so on. Player has to wait until another person finishes his/her drink to roll the dice. When the beer is drunk by someone, other people roll dice. If a 6 is rolled before the beer-drinker finishes, he/she pays for the whole tower. If not, the first person to get 6 after the beer is finished pays.

Twenty-One Aces

A good game to play in a bar. Three people roll 5 dice in turn. Simply count the 1s that are rolled. The person who rolled the seventh "1" picks the shot to be consumed at the end of the game. The person who rolls the fourteenth "ace" pays for the drink. And the person to roll the twenty-first ace drinks it. For scores over 16 take out a number of dice, so that the number of remaining ones plus the current score makes 21. For example if the score is 18, roll only 3 dice, so even if they all happen to be 1s, you still get exactly 21.


The first person to throw gets a choice of one, two or three tries to obtain the highest score. The score is a two-digit number, where first digit is the higher of two dice. So if you roll 4 and 6, your score is 64. The player's score is the one that was obtained on the last try. So if you throw 54 and then 51 and decide not to go for the third try, your score is 51. If you do roll for the third time, your score is going to be whatever you get on this try.
All other players have the same number of tries that the first player had done, but can do less if they decide to. Doubles count as a hundred multiplied by the number on one of the dice. So if you throw double 4s, you have 400 points.
There are also some unique combinations. The first one is called "the Mexican"; this is when you roll 2 and 1. The Mexican is the highest possible roll and it actually doubles the amount that looser drinks at the end of the game (this amount is set by players before the game starts). If there are several Mexicans during a round, every one of them doubles the amount to drink. So if the set amount is a 12 oz can of beer, and two Mexicans were rolled during the round, loser must drink 4 cans. Another combination is called "scumbag". This is when you roll 3 and 1; whoever gets it must have a drink right away.
If there are several tries available during the round, one can keep one of the dice after the first try to increase his/her chances for a Mexican (keep 1 or 2), or for higher scores (keep high numbers depending on your situation). The person who gets the lowest score loses. If two or more players got the same lowest scores, they roll one die and whoever gets the smallest number looses.


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