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Some More Card Games

Some More Card Games

Some more card games. Very interesting, very "intoxication-causing". Be careful and don't get too wasted.

High or Low

The rules are quite simple. Player one gets a card and then guesses if the next card is going to be higher or lower than the current one. If the guess is correct, the player goes on; if not, he/she takes the number of drinks equal to the number of cards that were guessed correctly. A player can "pass" the turn to the next player, but only after three or more correct guesses. The next player starts with the number of cards the previous player has passed to him. So if player 1 guesses four cards and passes, and player 2 guesses two cards and fails, he/she has to consume 4+2=6 drinks. Obviously, a good strategy is to guess as many cards as possible and pass to the next player. A good thing to do is to decide whether equal cards considered right or wrong guesses BEFORE the game starts.

Indian Poker

A pretty funny game. A pretty interesting one, too. Each player gets one card and places it on his/her forehead, so everyone else except them can see it. So each player can see all the cards on the table except for their own. The dealer states that he has the highest card and names the bet - a number of drinks he wants to bet (you can also start with one drink to make the game last longer). If someone wishes to fold at some point of the game, they must drink as many drinks from their beer or whatever as the current bet is. The player who ends up loosing (has the lowest card) has to drink the total of the bets.

4 Kings

This game is quite simple, but can be quite interesting, too. A very good one to be played in a bar. Deal each player one card at a time face-up until someone gets a king. The first player to get a king picks a liquor, the second offers a mixer, the third makes the drink or pays for it (if played in a bar), and the fourth person consumes the concoction. Keep in mind that any person can possibly get as many as all four kings, so when choosing disgusting liquor, mixer or their combination, remember that you can be the one who will have to drink.

Kings and Blood

Another simple game featuring four kings. Put a glass (or any other container of your choice) in the center of a table and spread a deck of cards around it, face-down. Players draw cards in turn. If you draw a red card - drink twice from the container. If you draw a black one - don't drink. If you draw a king - fill the container with as much or as little beer as you want. The person who draws the fourth (final) king drinks the whole container and is considered to be a winner.


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