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TV Drinking Games

TV Drinking Games
Here are some great drinking games that you can play while watching TV. It is extremely fun, believe us. Just try it!


You can play this game while watching a Batman movie (original 60's or one of Michael Keaton ones), or the TV show (original or 90's animated). Here is what you need to do. Every time anybody says "bat"-something, have a drink. If Robin says "holy"-anything, finish your beer (when Robin is in really being "holy", you may need to change this to several drinks instead of finishing the whole beer). If O'Reilly says something Irish (works only in original shows), finish your beer. A new view on an old movie. Have fun!

Hi, Bob!

Gather your friends, get a lot of beer and watch the original "Bob Newhart Show" (or maybe even "Newhart" for hardcore players). Rules are very simple: Whenever someone on the show says "Hi, Bob!" everybody in the room calls out "HI BOB!!!" and takes a good drink of beer. Even the most endurable drinkers will get a good buzz after several episodes since the people on the show say "Hi, Bob!" REALLY often. A classic drinking game, really cool one, too.

James Bond

Just put on a James Bond movie. Any one of them. Whenever someone says "James", have a drink. Whenever someone says "Bond", have two drinks. Whenever someone says "James Bond", drink one half of your beer (or if you have less than a half, drink all of it). It is as simple as that. This game can get really fun, especially in moments, when the hero says something like "My name is bond, James Bond".

Strange Brew

First of all, this movie (starring those crazy Canadian beer-lunatics) is a must-see for a beer drinker. Get a lot of beer and a copy of the movie and just watch it. Now, whenever someone says "eh" pronouncing it like the letter "A" or calls someone a "hoser", have a drink. That's it. Have fun.

Whoville X-Mas Game

This one is played while watching the movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". The rules are quite simple. Just have a drink any time somebody says "Who" (by itself or as a part of another word). The movie is rather short, but don't worry, the final song will make anyone feel rather drunk at least for a short period of time.

In all these games the winner is anybody who has managed to watch the whole movie, or the last person to remain watching. Have fun!


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