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Vocal Games

Vocal Games
Some Plain Vocal Games. All you need is beer and people, nothing else. Enjoy!

I Never

This is a rather popular game. You won't get too drunk playing it, but it is a good thing to break the ice on a party. Play it only when people are rather familiar with each other. Everybody should be as honest as possible; otherwise there's no point in the game.
So, get some beer and sit around the table or on the floor. Someone starts the game by saying an "I never" statement (a true one), and if anybody has actually done what the person said, they drink. For example, if someone says "I've never been to Canada", everybody who ever was there must have drinks.
As the game goes on and people get drunk, questions become rather personal and tactless. That's why you should only play with people you trust. However, if a person drinks to a statement, no explanation is needed. So, for example, if someone says "I've never kissed a guy", and a person drinks to it, no questions should be asked.

The Vegetable Game

A very funny game. You may want to have several drinks before you start to play this one. The rules are quite simple: you just need to speak without ever showing your teeth (hiding them with your lips). Before the game starts every player chooses the name of a vegetable - this will be his/her call name. The first player calls their name twice and then chooses another person and calls their name twice. That person continues in the same way and so on.
First Person: Broccoli, Broccoli calls Asparagus, Asparagus
Second Person: Asparagus, Asparagus calls Lettuce, Lettuce
Remember - you must say that not showing your teeth. Usually, that looks, sounds and/or feels so ridiculous that people eventually start to laugh. This causes everyone to drink (since everybody shows their teeth). If you can laugh without showing your teeth, you have a good sense of self-control, or maybe you just need couple extra drinks before the next round starts.


A very simple (at least in terms of rules) game. To make the game more interesting you may want to have several drinks before the start. Sit around the table or in a circle on the floor. Someone starts the game by saying "1" (as simple as that). The second person says "2" and so on. However, when a number that is divisible by seven occurs, the person to say it must say "buzz" instead". Every missed or unneeded "buzz" grants you a drink. See how far up you can get (in terms of numbers). To make the game more complex (and the drinking more frequent) you can say "bizz" on numbers that are divisible by 11. Beware of 77, 144 and others, though.


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