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How to Get Rid of a Hangover

How to Get Rid of a Hangover
If you wake up with a hammering headache and your stomach rolling around like an old sneaker spinning in a washing machine, you sure have had a great party last night. But, in this world you have to pay for everything; in this case the price for your last night's fun is a severe hangover. But don't be desperate, here are some things you can do to ease your pain. Hopefully, you're reading this not when you already have a hangover, because if you do, it's probably rather hard for you even to sit up.

The first and the most significant step you need to take after you wake up is to drink as much water as your stomach can possibly fit in. This will help you to get rid of any dehydration caused by excessive alcohol consumption. A good thing to do is to warm up the water a little bit - this will be good for your poor long-suffering stomach. As soon as you're able to make yourself some coffee (or get someone to make you some), drink a cup or two. Coffee will narrow the swollen blood vessels in your head, since it contains caffeine which is a very strong vasoconstrictor. Also it's a good thing to take some vitamins right after you wake up.

As soon as the queasiness has gone away, make yourself a bowl of hot chicken soup. It will not only bring that nice and warm feeling to your stomach, but will also help to replace salts and potassium that your body lost when you have been drinking. Eat some fruit and drink fruit juices to restore nutrition. These also contain simple sugar fructose, which speeds up the alcohol metabolism. If you still can't keep anything down, wait a little after you vomit to give your stomach time to settle.

If you have a really severe hangover you might need to take some pain reliever. Don't take too much of it, though, because it can thin your blood more than it is safe for your body. And never take Tylenol as your hangover medicine. You can still have some alcohol in your system the morning after, and Tylenol taken with alcohol can seriously damage your liver.

There is yet another way to get rid of the hangover which is called the "Hair of the Dog" method. According to it, drinking more alcohol (i.e. beer) in the morning can significantly reduce your suffering. Even though this works in some cases, it is not advisable to do since it can lead to long-term constant alcohol consumption, and eventually, alcoholism. Use it only in extreme situations, or completely avoid it, if possible.

Anyhow, even without any treatment a hangover shouldn't last longer than a 24-hour period. If you still do not feel good after that time, you should probably visit your doctor. Of course, if you have hangovers on the regular basis, which probably means that you have a drinking problem, it is advisable for you to consider treatment options.


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