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How to Improve Your Tolerance to Alcohol

How to Improve Your Tolerance to Alcohol
Have you ever been in a situation on a party when everybody else is okay, and you are already drunk? Quite unpleasant, isn't it? Actually, this can happen to anybody depending on various factors; the main one, of course, is the amount of alcohol you have consumed. Nevertheless, there are some things you can do to improve your tolerance to alcohol and remain normal while your buddies are already under the table.

The most important thing to do before a major drinking party is to eat a good meal. A really good one, desirably with lots of fat in it. Drinking on empty stomach is the fastest way to get drunk. And with lots of food in your stomach your systems absorbs alcohol in much slower rate, so it has more time to get it out of itself.

Another good thing to do is to drink some milk before drinking. The reason for this is that the milk covers your stomach with thin "skim" of fat, which, similarly to food, slows down the alcohol absorption. And again, the slower your system gets alcohol in it, the more time it has to get rid of it, so you don't eventually get excessive level of alcohol in your blood at some point.

For the same reasons you should drink as much water (or other nonalcoholic liquids) as possible. Water dilutes the alcohol, thus decreases its impact on your body. Above that, drinking lots of water will decrease dehydration of your system caused by alcohol; this will help to prevent or at least to reduce the hangover.

You should also stick to the same drink if possible. The thing is that different chemicals in various drinks can react with each other; this speeds up you getting drunk and/or leads to fatigue and severe hangover in the morning.

Remember: the fewer ingredients your drink has, the better, in terms of getting drunk and hangover. Try to stick to "clean" drinks, like vodka and coke or gin and tonic. This is mainly due to chemical reactions mentioned above. However, even though beer is considered a "dirty" drink since it has a lot of different chemicals in it, drinking nothing except beer during the whole party may be a good thing to do as well.


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