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Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee
Preparation of an iced coffee drink is very simple: just add ice to coffee of any brew style or type, sweeten to taste, add cream or milk if desired and enjoy. Some cafés make coffee "ice" cubes by freezing prepared coffee instead of adding the water ice. A cold-dripped extraction method is the best way to make an iced coffee since heat ruins coffee beans, which results in high bitter acid concentration in the beverage (80% higher than with the recommended method). An interesting fact is that coffee is brewed stronger if it is expected to be consumed iced rather than when it is expected to be consumed hot. The reason for this is not a lesser amount of coffee consumed due to the ice; it is just the way it goes.

Iced coffee can be either served already chilled or hot on the equal amount of ice cubes; in the second case remember to brew it double strengthened. It is important to remember that sugar doesn't dissolve well in cold water, so you have to either add it to the cold base, or make sugar syrup beforehand by mixing sugar with a little amount of hot water. However, artificial sugar substitutes like aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet) or sucralose (Splenda) will dissolve completely even in cold water.

Iced coffee is a name for rather different drinks in different countries. For example, in Australia iced coffee is not just chilled or cold-brewed coffee, but flavored milk beverage similar to American Frappuccino; it is often served with ice cream and whipped cream and compared to a milk shake. Commercial varieties of the drink can either contain real coffee or not. Iced coffee is sold in Australia since the late 19th century. Originally it was in the form of syrup, but now it is sold in ready-to-drink form. The drink is extremely popular in Australia; iced coffee beverage of one of the brands is the biggest selling 600mL drink in South Australia.

German iced coffee or "Eiskaffee" is very similar to the Australian variation of the drink and is served in most coffee houses and ice-cream parlors ("Eisdielen"). However, it is rarely available in German supermarkets. Nevertheless, variety of brands offers their canned versions of the beverage with flavors like Cappuccino, Espresso and others.

In United Kingdom the situation is similar. A great variety of canned coffees is available in most supermarkets; however, they are placed on tea/coffee isles instead of being chilled (customers are expected to chill the drink themselves at home). Nevertheless, a brand named Café Met produces iced coffee in glass bottles; this product has to be kept chilled at all times due to fresh milk contained in it.


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