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Iced Tea

Iced Tea
Iced tea is prepared by chilling brewed tea of any kind. This is either done by placing the tea in a refrigerator or pouring warm tea over ice. A good thing to do is to wait until brewed tea cools to room temperature before placing it in a fridge, otherwise condensates can form and give the tea a chalky taste and cloud the drink. You can prevent the tea from clouding over time by using filtered water, but even tea prepared with filtered water clouds after being refrigerated for a long time. One can also buy pre-canned or pre-bottled iced teas that come in a great variety of flavors; most common of them are lemon, lime, orange, peach, raspberry, strawberry, cherry and others.

Iced tea is consumed either sweetened or unsweetened. If cane sugar is used to sweeten the drink, it is better to be done when the tea is still hot since cane sugar doesn't dissolve easily in cold liquids. If you do want to sweeten the drink when it is already cold (for example, if you prepare tea for a number of people, and not everybody likes their tea sweetened) it is better to use simple syrup. However, most artificial sweeteners are well dissolved even in cold water.

Iced teas are very popular in the United States as an alternative to juices and carbonated soda drinks. They are either available on premises or through grocery and convenience store chains or vending machines. Iced tea is usually served over ice in a tall glass with a slice of lemon or lime on the rim, and often a straw or a long teaspoon to dissolve a sweetener.

There are numerous kinds of eateries in the United States that serve different kinds of iced teas. Black tea is probably the most common freshly brewed kind of iced tea served in American restaurants and cafés. Different fruit and herbal flavored teas are also widely available. Some coffeehouses can serve over ice rather uncommon flavors like Jasmine tea or Earl Gray tea.

Some foreign cuisine restaurants (usually Eastern cuisine, i.e. Chinese) can o offer some rather exotic flavors like Indian spiced tea called Chai, genmai tea, hoji tea and various green and white teas. Although these are not commonly served cold, a patron can pour them over ice to chill them.

Canned and bottled iced teas available are available in most (if not all) American supermarkets, convenience stores and groceries. There are also diet variations of well known brands and products oriented on the healthy food market.


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